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We are skilled and experienced in every aspect of ceremony and event planning, from theme design to logistical execution, we strategically plan every ceremony and event to maximize the impact and create the best tailor-made result for you. We aim to create collaborative memory with exceptional enjoyable experience for all participants. With us, you can make your event a big success and a hassle-free journey.

We can add value by…

1. Boosting attendance by designing the most suitable pre-events and promotions

2. Developing a long-term marketing strategy

3. Linking and ensuring the quality of different committees and suppliers

Our Service

• Theme and program development

Schedule planning

Regular progress update

Kick-off gimmick and ideas

Game mechanisms

Rundown and floorplan

Event Management

Staff talents Training

MC / celebrity arrangement

Various types of performance

Professional choreography and dancers

Speaker / Performance Management

• Event budget planning and control


• On-site professional event managements

• Professional on-site crewing service

On-site Management

• Design and production of any and all event decoration, event logo, event invitation and event booklet

Site visit

F&B coordination

Venue coordination

• Decoration and environment design

Audio-visual production

Gobo and lighting design

• LED walls

• Projection

• Technical support

• Event highlight

• Event record

Event Materials & Print

Venue & Decoration

AV Equipment Rental & Technical Support

Photography & Videography

Case Study:

Insurance Group – Long Service Award


Organizing a ceremony to issue Long Service Award for an insurance group


Appreciating awardee for their continuous support and effort paid for the company


1. Combined the company’s 100th-anniversary celebration with the event

2. Personalized photo backdrop (can add the participants’ name on the photo backdrop)

3. A vintage theme is selected to associate with the evolution of that company

Ready to get down to business?

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