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Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) Services

*We offer our services as a whole but can also consult certain aspects only.

1. Abstract Handling

on-line abstract handling
paper abstract handling
abstract review process
production of an abstract publication, etc.

2. Speaker / Programme Management

co-ordination of the speakers
planning of the sessions
overall logistics related to the contents of the congress programme
production of a programme overview

3. Marketing & Communication (MARCOM)

Develop & Execute a congress marketing & promotion strategy
Production of various announcements and programmes
Production of promotional material, social media campaign
Presentation / representation of the event to potential participants, sponsors or other stake holders)

4. Press Liaison & Arrangements

Communication with press, facilities, accommodation & delegations
liaison with nominated press offices
management of delegates and agencies
installation of technical equipment, accreditation and registration

5. Budget

drafting and managing of the congress budget

6. Financial Management

the management of bank accounts, cash flow, taxes, preparation of accounts etc. as well as invoicing and payments

7. Exhibition

selection of exhibition space
preparation for exhibitor guidelines and floor plans
the sales and allocation of stand spaces
the co-ordination of stand services, invoicing, and the co-ordination of set-up and dismantling of the exhibition

8. Sponsorship

identify and develop opportunities and guidelines
the sales and marketing of sponsorship opportunities to potential sponsors
delivery of the same; where appropriate, to, or co-ordination with, the governmental body

9. Security

liaison with the various authorities, implementation and dissemination of recommendations, etc

10. Registration/Accreditation

on-line registration, on-site registration, collection of fees, statistical reports on registration numbers, breakdowns etc
[governmental] should include pre-accreditation and on-site management of delegations;
liaison with authorities if accreditation is handled direct by police or similar body

11. On-site Management

selection, contracting and co-ordination of supplier services required and the management of all requirements at the venue
including detailed move-in/move-out plans and signage for all venues or locations
negotiation of the contracts, and on-site management of the event

12. Staffing

job descriptions, insurance, staff training and HR, data management and clients satisfaction

13. Congress Materials & Print

design and production of any and all congress supplies such as programmes, badges, bags, etc.

14. Venue Selection

include the selection of the venue and the negotiation of the contract

15. Congress Technology

implementation of audio visual equipment, conference apps
use of social media for the life cycle of the event and on-site networking solutions

16. Simultaneous Interpretation

engaging of interpreters, or co-ordination with Chief Interpreter’s Office
management of booths and equipment, collection and distribution of papers to interpreters

17. Hotel Reservation / Accommodation

include all hotel block-bookings, allocation of hotel rooms to individual participants and/or groups and delegations, negotiations, payments, management of modifications, reporting, etc.

18. Social Programme & Tours

include the proposal, sales and management of various social programme activities such as opening and closing ceremony, gala dinner etc.
including where appropriate all protocol; proposal and implementation of an accompanying participants’ programme, pre- and post-congress events etc.

19. Transport

the proposal and management, in conjunction with transport managers, of all transportation including airport management, VIP movements, and all arranged coach and/or public transportation, including transportation routes and co-ordination with police on security areas as applicable)

20. Corporate Social Responsibility

recycling initiatives, carbon-offset possibilities, Fair Trade considerations, and the use of suppliers with an active green policy)

21. Host Committee Liaison

direct communications’ channel (periodical meetings) with local host and/or international organisation representative, or governmental body
ensure all parties are aware of the services and requirements being requested and provided

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