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您的營銷專家​ - 香港本地首選團隊

Professional Marketing Service: Your #1 Local Extended Team




Promotion opportunities and channels must be something SMEs desperate for, wish to connect with more potential clients. Our team will offer you the most suitable promotion platform with data research and analysis, providing one-stop support on strategic consultation service.


我們致力提供線上宣傳服務,再配合線下的展銷活動,希望為不同企業提供最切合需要的行銷方案,以提高品牌和產品知名度。線上服務包括網站到達頁(Landing Page) 的介面設計、文案、客戶資料收集及消費行為分析等。另外我們團隊更有提供個人社交媒體賬戶(LinkedIn) 管理,更適合業務對象為公司的企業人員。


We strive to provide online marketing service, coordinating with the O2O marketing campaign to fit your need and increase the reputation of your company and products. We provide all-inclusive online marketing services, including landing page design, content marketing, customer information collection and behavior analysis, etc. We also offer LinkedIn personal account management service, which is more suitable for those who are targeting corporate clients.



We covered a wild range of clients, providing beauty products, financial services, supplements, and foodstuff. No matter you are having B2B or B2C business, we can tailor-made exclusive marketing plans for you, according to the characteristics of your services or products.

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